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Royal Mayfair Golf Club draws player praise on eve of 2007 CN Canadian Women's Open

Keeping the Star Athletes, R.C.G.A and CN attendees of this major sporting event well fed and energized fell upon the elite culinary team of the Royal Mayfair Golf Club.

The core members of the kitchen at the Mayfair include Executive Chef-David Eayrs, Executive Sous Chef-Rob Tomm, Executive Pastry Chef-Jeffery ERC Kincaellan, Dining Room Sous Chef-Lola Noel, Chef de Partie-Darren Zwicker, Breakfast Chef-Sen Trieu, Evening / Closing /Dining Room Chef- Leo Li, Morning Prep Cook-Margerita Costa, Chef de Partie-Sebastion lysz and Banquet Chef / Apprentice- Greg Berezan. In addition to the dishwashers and kitchen aids: Nirmal Dusanj, Kyle Halliday, Chien Ming Hoy, Michael Wishart, Mark Wishewan, and Angie Arcand, an additional 5 chefs and dishwashers from the Manor Cafe and Chefs Hat dropped in to lend a hand.

Turning the Club House kitchen into a 24 hour efficient machine involved bringing in a mobile freezer and fridge, each 29’or more in length. Two food suppliers were used, deliveries were received 4 times a day by Executive Chef David; no small feat when they arrived at 10 pm, 4am, 10am, and 7pm. Fresh food such as handmade quesadillas, seafood buffets, carved fruit platters, hand rolled apple cinnamon crepes, house made peach cobbler, braised pork etc. kept the kitchen staff busy. Mulitple venues with varying menus for each day ensured no palet over lap. Ice Sculptures added to the daily ambience. 500 cookies a night, and no rest for the ovens had zero consequence when the ovens broke down, and the kitchen team made sure no attendee was effected. The experience and skill of the kitchen team was evident in the quality of the food, adaptability to the Athletic Star's needs, and ability to re-organize last minute with changes in scheduling.

The 2007 CN Canadian Women's Open gave the rest of the world a rare glimpse into a strong culinary team in an exclusive kitchen at a premier club preparing 5 star food-that is if you were lucky enough to attend. As of August Monday 20th the hidden jewel that is the Royal Mayfair Culinary Team will be hidden from public eyes again.

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