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A celebration of Alberta's Food Service Industry and Silent Auction with proceeds in support of the Stan Ballard Endowment Fund. Chefs from 25 of the best food establishments in the province prepare a variety of feasts to satisfy 1500 gourmet tastes.

All foods featured are Alberta grown and/or processed in Alberta. The Restaurants are given a "Black Box" of ingredients they have to work with 24 hours before the event and then have to create a 4 course dinner for 80 people with it. Each attendee receives a course from 4 different establishments. Unfortunately this year there were some last minute drop outs but the other establishments picked up the slack. Once again some establishments cheat using ingredients not included in their "Black Box" this year some desserts were even prepared days in advance. It's a dissapointment to the event but to be fair there was a serious staff shortage in the culinary industry this year. As usual it is a great experience for team building of staff and fund raising for a good cause.

The Mayfair Pastry Team, apprentice Christine Lichuk and Executive Pastry Chef Jeffery E.R.C. Kincaellan, prepared a Opera Torte of Genoise layered with Banana bavrois, creme brule and strawberry Gelee. It was accompanied by a brandy snap basket with fresh diced strawberries and an apple coulis

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Jeffery E.R.C. Kincaellan, 2002