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Taking a break from the blown and pulled sugar work, Jeffery volunteered some time to help out at the holiday season with some inner city elementary school children. Miss Stadnick had invited Jeffery to help enrich the holiday season for her class of underprivileged and at risk children. The faces of the students have been altered to protect some of them from current predation. It's nice to see schools and teachers like this outreaching for interesting ways of creating normal, healthy, and vitalizing environments for our children. Many of them had never had gingerbread never mind creating gingerbread houses. The Houses were also chosen as a learning tool, the current topic was building materials and structure. The walls were all assembled before hand than the children applied royal icing and the two sides of the roof. Drawing their decoration designs gave time for the royal icing to dry enough so they could begin decorating with the candies and cereals provided.

When the day had passed the houses were set and ready to take home to quickly get destroyed and eaten.

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Jeffery E.R.C. Kincaellan, 2002