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Alumni comments and links:

Here are some of our previous students, comments and links if you'd like to contact them directly. Rather then purchasing products from us you may find someone closer that can make you what you need. Saving money on shipping is always good!

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" Jeff's class is amazing. He was a lot of fun to work with, very knowledgeable and made the information easy to learn and remember!"




"Jeffereys course is second to none. As a professional red seal chef with no sugar experience when I entered the course, I absorbed his information easily and without difficulty. quickly becoming adept at his basic and advanced courses. With what you learn it is both a bargain and an opportunity to go forth and make an ass load of money doing what less than 20 in this country can do well. Peace out."


‘’ This is the best class ever. It is easy to learn with a great teacher like Jeffery. It is addictive and highly contagious !!! You get to learn a lot of skills and also have a lot of fun !!! Thanks a lot ! ‘’



"This class was so much fun, the first day I felt a little out of my league. Jeff keeps saying that everyone had their strong points and weak points. For me they were all on the first day. By the second day I was feeling like I did belong and I was finishing up on projects, and loving sugar work more and more. Jeff is very patient and willing to teach at whatever level you need, which in
Chef's is not easy to find. He is an awesome teacher, great guy. Other than the chocolate body parts Ha Ha (inside joke) everything was perfect."





The 3-days of intense training with Jeff was well worth it's weight in gold. Jeff shared his witty sense of humour, expertise, and secrets on how to handle Blown Sugar. Anyone who is slightly curious about this art ... this is definitely something worthwhile investigating. I know have a greater appreciation for this art and it's surrounding beauty. Thanks, Jeff!


Jeff Kincaellan is a dedicated instructor with a passion for teaching the art of sugar sculpting. His courses are packed with information and hands on experience. His additional insight on getting set up to continue the art once the course is completed is invaluable. Hats off to Jeff for a value packed course! A great way to bring creativity into the kitchen and decorating shops! Thank you!


I decided to enroll for the beginners and advanced course with Jeff because I could not find a course out there on blown/pulled sugar that covered all I wanted to know. Having 1 on 1 tuition with Jeff and hands-on-learning is what separates this course from all the others currently on offer in North America/Canada. At first, it may appear to seem pricy to do a sugar course, but having been on the course, seeing the materials used and detail Jeff goes to, I think this course to be exceptional value for money. All the materials are supplied and every aspect of what I ever thought I would cover, I did in just 3 days. Over and above sugar work we did mould making and Jeff extended himself even further, helping me on my own personal project; making a silicone figurine mould.

The course is intense but relaxed. You will come away learning much more than you expect. I was amazed at what I had achieved in just one week. A definite must for the cake decorators and caterers to even the novel enthusiast.



The retail price of items took home in the advanced class almost covered the basic class cost! Oh and I had A LOT of fun even with my burned fingers! Some lessons you learn once!

Kerry V


I have taken 2 other sugar classes, one in the U.S. by a well known instructor, and one in England. I learned so much more from Jeffery then in either of the classes which were much more expensive. You can really tell this is his passion. Even after my class he is really available to consult with. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift.
Cari T ctoews1@telus.net
I had the opportunity to take Jeffrey's beginner and advanced sugar classes. I knew it would be worthwhile but I wasn't prepared for the box of treasures it opened up.
Jeffrey's skill is obvious, but his generosity in teaching is a special gift. There is so much information to absorb and it's totally hands on. You will be amazed at what you
will be able to create. Thank you so much Jeffrey, you made me dream in sugar! You really rock. Can't wait for your book.


© Jeffery E.R.C. Kincaellan, 2002