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Jeffery was asked to be a celebrity judge at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts 2008 Cake Walk. Joining him in judging were Vinod Varshney - head of Culinary Arts Program at NAIT and Manager of Culinary Team Alberta, Sal Caltagirone - (Retired) NAIT luminary - Coach Culinary Team NAIT, Liane Faulder - Bistro Writer for the Edmonton Journal, Cake Walk veteran Chef John Berry - the Edmontonians.

Chefs participating include: Chef Ailynn Santos (Whimsical Cake Studio), Chef Patrick Gibson, Chef Andrew Ihasz, Hotel Macdonald, Chefs Rebecca Tucker and Sonja Shank, The Cupcake Shop, Chef/Artist: Eva Barte,
Chefs Gloria Bednarz & Guenter Hess, Art of Cake, Chef Joe Srahulek, Paul Saures (Pastry Chef, Popular Bakery).

The completed cakes are marked on taste and design. However, they are then paraded down the cat walk and each team acts a theatrical sketch to music based on the design of the cake. Dorothy from the wizard of Oz made a couple of appearances as did charlie chaplin before being run over by a Lexus. Several men in dresses made appearances and public humiliation scored very high this year. A cake that was well designed may not have one if the sketch afterward was not as good as the others.

There was a silent auction as well with some great prizes like Sarah Brightman tickets, James Blunt tickets, and an Edmonton Oiler's Lockerroom tour. Carrie Doll managed to raise $6,000.00 for her "Girls spa day with Carrie Doll" including dinner at the New Asian Village.

It was a good event for the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts raising over $19,000.00 for the charity.

For more information on the teams participating or for TICKET information please visit: www.ninahaggertyart.ca.

The winners this year were Chefs Gloria Bednarz & Guenter Hess from The Art of Cake.


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Jeffery E.R.C. Kincaellan, 2002