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Although it is an established school of art in Europe, sugar art and sculpture has been taught in North America as an after thought for years. Some schools spend as little as a few hours covering it in their curriculum. Becoming more vogue recently, Master Pastry Chefs are bringing these skills back from Europe and increasingly applying them into their products.

The training program Jeffery offers is designed for professionals who want to master the art of sugar sculpture, and novice students who want to explore their artistic flare.

Equipment and supplies are included in the course fee; an additional day can be included for students interested in building a work station. Please include any special requests when you are booking your class so we can prepare the required materials and give you an accurate quote on the class price.

Check our schedule and contact Jeffery to see what openings are available.
Visit our Alumni page for student comments and browse examples of their work in the Extra's gallery

The BASIC course covers the following:

  • Sugar Preparation
  • Use of Isomalt
  • Techniques of casting, pulling, and blowing Sugar
  • Wood / Straw Sugar, Bubble Sugar and Rock Sugar
  • Ribbons, Roses, Swan, and other ideas if time permits.
  • Final project for this class is the creation of a free standing figurine using all the skills above.
  • Course runs for 3 days Fee = $590.00 for more details please e-mail us.



The ADVANCED Course covers the following:

  • Perfection, review and advancement of basic techniques
  • Increasing speed and trouble shooting to create a profitable environment
  • Airbrushing techniques, composition, and realistic sculpture balance
  • Independent Work, and confidence building
  • Mould making: Neoprene casting, Alginate work, Silicone block mould and Liquid Latex brush on mould
  • As part of the mould making you create your own sugar veiners and head mould
  • Depending on time there may be a field trip to purchase equipment
  • The final project will be to create a 9" wide x 11" tall x 18" long Sugar Sculpture specifically siized to fit as carry-on luggage.
  • Course runs for 4 days Fee = $1250.00 for more details please e-mail us.
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