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Having gained experience from international competition, properties, facilities, and cultures, Jeffery Kincaellan offers his extensive pastry & bakery expertise to you.

In today's competitive patisserie market companies need experienced and educated staff that are current on new trends and techniques. Unfortunately many companies hit a plateau because they do not have the budget to maintain a full-time staff of this caliber or continually train their employees.

Consulting with a Red Seal internationally experienced Baker/Pastry Chef can help you effectively resolve problems and generate new ideas without the long term costs. Jeffery can take cutting edge concepts from leading hotels, restaurants, bakery & confectionery companies, and strategically apply them to your operation. He brings creativity, inspiration, and skill to every project.

New and Existing Product Support:

  • Custom designing new products and new lines of products.
  • Re-formulating or re-finishing current products to bring them new life and generate greater customer appeal.
  • Formula support and trouble-shooting: solving product formulation problems such as flavour enhancement, handling ability in production, profitability, and longer shelf life.

Professional and Staff Training:

  • Time and temperature control.
  • Improving food science knowledge.
  • Fresh techniques and products.
  • Expanding ideas and instilling confidence.

Product Marketing:

  • Creating niche market appeal for your new and existing products.
  • Marketing to specific cultural tastes or short falls by assessing demand, and developing a specific product to meet that demand.
  • Evaluating small or large production for optimum profit.

Because quality is paramount Jeffery’s formulas are written in both bakers’ percent and in metric measures to ensure maximum compatibility and ease of use. Recipes come with ingredient lists, photographs of finished items, and detailed methodology. Jeffery's experience as an instructor makes him easy to work with and able to handle the most dynamic staff situations. Contact Jeffery today to receive a quote for your project.

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